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FJ20DET 510 sedan. For those who don’t know the FJ motor is the boosted Nissan motor before the SR or even the CA. Anyhow the guy who runs Build Threads drives this beautifuly restored 510. An it’s sittin on Work Ewing III 15×6.5 +21, 15×7 +16.

These are all wallpapers. Standard.


4 Responses to “Build Threads”

  1. i need a 510 2 door sedan or a wagon in my life. those things look like so much fun!

    • 2 enoezam

      I think an AE71 or older Rolla 2 door with a well built 4AGE would be much more fun. Revvvy too.

  2. 3 Christian

    Hello i came up on a set of these same wheels there is hardly any info on them so whatever you know would be great… are they rare?

    any how my specs are 15×7.5 all around. would apreciate any info thanks

    • The wheels on the above 510? They are work ewingIII’s they are kinda rare since they are discontinued. Work is one of the best when it comes to wheels, so you have some good wheels to work with. Wish I had some.

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