Does anybody know what kind of offset factory S30Z’s run? I think I can fit 15×8.5 in the rear. Maybe 7.5 in the front. Or at least 7’s front & 8’s rear. I’m lost on the right offset.

I need an upgrade. Probably widened steel rims.

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  1. i think i read somewhere the stock offset for a 260z is around +13? i dunno, i saw a set of 15 x 8 zero offset rotas on someone’s 240 and it look goooooooood. nice and flush with the fender line without rolling/pulling.

    i’m shooting for 15 x 7. 5 -10 and 15 x 8 -14. wheels should be here in a week or two, so we’ll see how that goes…

  2. It was all about the backspacing when it came to sizing wheels before. Stock Z wheels would be anywhere between +13 to 0 offset, but always with about 5-5.5″ of backspacing. Here’s a helpful chart I found to try and size up what wheels I want to use for my personal S30:

  3. If you stretch tires you could fit 8’s in the front and 9’s in the rear. Offsets around +0 would work.

    • 5 enoezam

      9’s in the rear. My Z would look incredible like that. Thanks. I’m going to try an get some rims pretty soon.

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