Random title, But I really wanna get this dash on. It’s been here a few months. Only has two small cracks. I’m waitin for some gauges, so I can tilt them. Like I’ve seen in some racecars.

Plus I might throw this Decepticon sticker on it.

Found this for reference……..


3 Responses to “Fisherman”

  1. 1 Gabriel

    looks good, should be an awesome cockpit setup

  2. YESSSS tilted gauges! i’ve been wanting to do that, but i’m sooooooo lazy. haha. maybe when i swap to defi’s or something, i’ll tilt my gauges.

  3. actually, scratch the defi’s. i’ve been jocking kameari’s gauges. period correct look from a jdm nissan tuning company. yes please!

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