I’ve always hated swapping motors from diffrent companies. Nissan’s get Nissan motors etc. S30Z’s well they get S6’s. So basically an L28 or a RB. One thing I do like is the cowl hood.

 I dunno why. It just makes a stock Z look mean & dangerous.


2 Responses to “Mean”

  1. YES! keep it in the family! i’m on the fence about an sr20 in a Z though… it seems kind of counterproductive to swap a 6 cylinder for a 4. what’s your opinion?

    • 2 enoezam

      I think only an RB should be over the L28. If you want a turbo go with the 280zx l28 turbo. But The l28 is definately my choice, but in the end we all have our own prefrences.

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