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East Coast


For the Record I’m from southern California. Still the eastcoast has always had some real good music. More Cyne. Lovin this song. Advertisements

Piece by piece


It’s comin together. I cut out the under carpet (inslulation, or padding??)material in the hatch area, and threw a black floormat on the driver side the other day. For some reason the car seems way more whole now. Even though it still has no carpet. Maybe the California in me makes me love the black bandana shift […]

Rack Attack


This thing has so much win. It’s not even funny. I n-n-neeeeeeed a rack on the Zed . I’m pretty sure this rack would fit the Z. Minus the wood.

Hot Revolver


Widebody 510 runnin a KA motor with ITB’s.



Finally got a lens on the Nikon. Old school Nikon 2020. I love old things, and some new stuff. Oh and I’m gatherin parts for my under hood re-up. Brass battery connects, perfect rad cap (of 80’s Datsun 210), oil cap (needs paint). Now I need to paint the valve cover, finish strippin the rad, and […]

Black & White


Ahh it’s snowin all over. Hopefully the Z won’t be buried tomorrow.

White on White


Clean white on white R33 GTS. That means it’s RWD, but still boosted. Got it from…. Not on Monday Photography