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Bankok Z’s


Some S30’s from some kinda Bankok show or somethin. Advertisements

I stole this idea from Kyushakai. Check out his blog it’s in my blogroll. He owns a beautiful S30Z, & a deep love for classic JDM steel.   How many Z’s must we lose before we realize……….

Rainbow Rims


Different color rims I found. Eventually I want all these colors for the Z. I’d be happy with just the SSR mesh though.

Video I saw on JNS. I have them in my blogroll. Classics goin at it. Check the Yellow S30 & the black G-Nose Kataoka Racing Service set it up.

Classy Dime


Not the craziest 510. But the color choice & cleaness make it one of the nicest I’ve seen. A perfect daily driver.  



I live across the street from 7-11. Occasionally some nice rides pop up; modified Mustangs, DC2’s, STI’s, Civics, FC’s, Datsun’s, etc. Well I was walkin by an saw this……. I didn’t see the owner, so I decided not to take to many pics.

My plan…..


To get flush. I need to roll my fenders, cut springs, then get spacers & extended studs. Yuta here I come. Old pics, but you get the idea.